More Diversity Means Better Science. Better Science Means Better Health.


Increasing diversity in clinical trials means better health outcomes for us all.

For years, minorities have been under-represented in clinical trials. The result is incomplete science, and a staggering gap in health knowledge for millions of people. At Genesis Medical Research Group, our mission is to solve this representation problem, and build a foundation for better health outcomes for all.


African-Americans = 13.2% of population and only 5% of study participants


Black women are 41% more likely to die from breast cancer


25% more blacks than whites die from chronic heart disease


Only 3% of all oncologists are black

Our Process

Setting the global standards for Training and Awareness, and Diversity and Inclusion in clinical research.

GMRG Certification

Does your site have the knowledge and skills necessary to recruit a diverse study population? Through comprehensive training modules, the GMRG certification process can prepare your site for achievement.

GMRG Planning

Greater diversity starts at the beginning with protocol development and site selection. GMRG can help your team create a diversity strategy that is both expansive and achievable.

GMRG Recruitment

Using tools and tactics specifically designed for minority populations, we can help you fill your study with a more diverse patient population.

Why GMRG? Raising the bar for inclusion is our mission.

Genesis Medical Research Group is on a mission. The experiences of our team members in the clinical trials industry have inspired us to foster greater minority representation – to change the system, decrease negative interactions, raise standards, strengthen cultural competency, and ensure better outcomes for all.

Higher Standards

We will raise the bar for inclusion in the clinical research industry.

Passion for Change

We strive to reduce negative interactions with the healthcare system for minorities.

Expertise and Knowledge

We bring over two decades of experience in clinical trials to create change.

360° Approach

We focus on sites, patients, and sponsors – a cohesive way to cultural competency.

A Team with Great Chemistry.

We’ve put together a strong team, purpose-built to tackle the difficult issue of diversity in clinical trials. Our experience spans over two decades working in healthcare – at both sponsors and CRO’s. Our chemistry is excellent, because good chemistry matters, especially in clinical trials. At GMRG, each and every individual is committed to the greater good, for the clinical trials industry and the community as a whole.


“Having had lupus for 35 years, clinical trials has always been a curious, scary subject for me. Suffering, wanting a quality of life for myself, but being fearful of being a guinea pig, kept me misinformed for years. Genesis Medical Research truly is a light in years of darkness. The education, inspiration, and overall care helped me set a new standard for my healthcare.”

Autumn Cyler, Lupus Thrivor