Recruitment that works

Once sites have been trained how to discuss clinical trials with minority patients, they are ready to start recruiting. Recruitment of a diverse patient population requires planning and a thoughtful process, with an understanding of media consumption habits and trusted information sources.

The Recruitment Process


While there are many similarities between a traditional recruitment campaign and one that’s meant for African Americans, there are minority-specific strategies that can be implemented to boost results. GMRG has partnerships and affiliations with patient groups and minority organizations that can be used for minority recruitment. These are especially effective with decentralized trials.


Customization of materials does not have to be an expensive and time-consuming process. GMRG can seamlessly create culturally relevant materials that engage patients and educate on the benefits of trial participation.

Digital Outreach

Reaching African American populations online requires knowledge and strategic planning. GMRG leverages a unique understanding of keywords and targeting strategies to run successful online campaigns.