Diversity begins with a plan

From protocol development and site selection, to site monitors and staff training, there’s a lot that goes into recruiting, engaging and retaining  a diverse patient population in your clinical trial. GMRG can help your study team plan for success.

The Certification Process

As current patient representation stats reveal, diversity within a clinical trial is not something that occurs on its own.  It requires a well thought-out plan, and careful consideration of all trial components.

Protocol Development

Starting with protocol development, GMRG can work with your clinical team to outline specific protocol-specific barriers that would limit minority participation in your trial. Often, these barriers are not even minority-specific and can help increase patient participation across the board.

Site Selection

If your goal is to increase minority participation in your trial, representation is critical in all areas. But most importantly at the site level. Research has shown minority patients simply feel more comfortable and trust sites with staff and PIs that look like them. At sites where patients feel representation, engagement and retention is higher, and trial data is more robust. Leveraging our network of site relationships, GMRG can help you find sites that will increase minority representation in your trial, across a wide spectrum of disease states.

Site Training

For sites that do not have representation, cultural competency is critical. Leveraging our H.E.A.L. program, GMRG can help sites understand the importance of inclusion in trials, the context of why minorities representation is so low, and how to address the diversity gaps. Sites will gain the confidence, tools and skills to successfully increase their minority recruitment, engagement and retention.