Our Mission: Bridge the gap between clinical research and African-Americans.

Pharma has a big problem. And it’s one the FDA is starting to notice. Minorities, and specifically African Americans are significantly underrepresented in clinical trials, which causes an avalanche of negative health outcomes across the disease spectrum. The solution: Educating HCPs and pharma in cultural competency and building trust in the system.


Higher Standards

We will raise the bar for inclusion in the clinical research industry.

Passion for Change

We strive to reduce negative interactions with the healthcare system for minorities

Expertise and Knowledge

We bring over two decades of experience in clinical trials to create change

360° Approach

We focus on sites, patients, and sponsors – a cohesive way to cultural competency

Diversity is more than a word

GMRG believes that diversity means much more than just another corporate initiative or feel-good saying. Diversity means representation and opportunity for all. By creating an environment where different individuals, of all races and all walks of life take part in clinical trials, all of us become partners in better health –today, and tomorrow.